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Me with my boys

What makes me qualified to spew my thoughts and opinions on kid-related news? Nothing a news editor or parenting guru would consider “expertise.”

Still, I’ve got a couple things to say.

I practiced school psychology for a number of years before giving up my test kits to stay home full time with my two young boys. Since leaving the schools two years ago, I have found myself using more and more of my spare me-time moments to read up on current events in general and kid-related news in particular. I’ve also discovered that it’s not nearly as fun to read about current events as it is to discuss them. Not objectively, but passionately. And since my loving husband, Patrick, has to go to his “real” job every day, I need a more reliable audience.

This blog is not designed as a source of fair and balanced news, but as a place to read and respond to one person’s opinion (mine!). Desperate parents looking for advice will not find answers here, but they will find a source of dry humor, healthy skepticism, and honest feelings.

I hope you’ll join me!

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